Advantages of individual software development

Individual software for your company

Do you want to make your internal processes more efficient, modernize your company IT or automate certain processes in the company? However, your requirements cannot be achievable with standard software?

Software is used in almost every business to simplify processes in the office, in production or sales. In addition to common CRM (Customer Relations Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools, there are many so-called software suites such as the SAP solution. These complete solutions are often not interesting for small and medium-sized companies because of the high costs and in some cases, the requirements for software are so special that standard software does not meet the requirements of many companies.

In addition to standard software, which you can purchase freely accessible, there is also the option of individual software development for companies. The software development is specially tailored to the needs of your company, your intended use, and your requirements.

What exactly is individual software?

Individual software is a software solution specially developed for your company and is often tailored to a need or purpose of your company. This software solution is mostly used to digitize, simplify and optimize operational processes. In contrast to standard software, this type of software precisely maps your requirements. So you do not have to make any compromises in use, collaboration and usability.

Individual software vs. standard software

It is undeniable that the digitalization of specific business processes saves time and money these days. However, the investment costs for individual software are initially higher than for standard software. But it also fits your requirements and your company perfectly. The investments in standard software, on the other hand, are significantly lower, but subsequent adjustments and changes are costly. After all, special software is unique and becomes the property of the client. In contrast to standard software, you as a company have any number of licenses and unlimited useful life.

Advantages of individual software development at a glance:

The development of individual software has the following advantages:

  • Long-term cost and benefit advantage
  • Technological advantage against the competition
  • Flexible programming
  • Customization and short-term changes in requirements can be implemented
  • Great potential for internal process optimization and increasing productivity in the company
  • Optimal adaptation to existing systems
  • Direct contact with the manufacturer and involvement in the development process
  • Subsequent extensions and change requests possible

Often the effort to adapt your company to existing software is so high that the individual software is the only logical option. The individual software for your business pays for itself after a short time despite the higher investment costs. Because what many do not know: in most cases, individual software pays for itself very quickly.

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