mindbit celebrates 5th company anniversary

Thursday February 28th, 2019 Laura Kiwatrowsky

5-year company existence of mindbit

Since the founding of mindbit GmbH in January 2014, the company has developed strongly and many milestones have been achieved. Thus, the year 2019 is all about the 5th company anniversary.

Looking back on the beginnings of the young company, the company founders got to know each other after their studies as an IT consultant in a consultancy. There they collected a variety of project experiences, including in the area of business analysis, process management, IT service management, project management as well as software and product development.

After years of successful cooperation, the idea of starting up an own business grew. As a result, it was time for the next step in January 2014 – the mindbit GmbH was born. Since then, the company is a competent partner for IT consulting and software development for regional and international customer projects. Its range of services covers all phases of an IT project. The mindbit GmbH provide individual software solutions, represent modern technologies and was able to realize various milestones in the last 5 years.


mindbit GmbH – the first steps

Already in the first financial year, the fixed annual target was exceeded with an annual turnover of  477,000 €. Thanks to this success, a strong team of 10 employees, 3 of them for the internal organizational structure in accounting, marketing and sales as well as a 5 of them for the development team to support international as well as national projects, could be employed.


mindbit with the first major project successes

Even after the second year, the entire team was proud of the success of their company. In 2015, three major development projects were successfully completed. Thus, the annual turnover increased to almost 600,000 €. One of these completed projects was the implementation of a printing tool in the IT landscape of an international company. The tool is used for automated creation of recurring documents with dynamic content. As the mindbit GmbH supports its customers within the entire project lifecycle, from IT consulting and analysis, through solution design and implementation, right up to commissioning and service, the Printing Tool project created its own product – the mindbit service desk. The existing products on the market did not meet the requirements or only to a limited extent, whereupon the mindbit GmbH developed its own platform for recording and processing disturbance and adaptation requests, which has been used for all customers of the company.

Furthermore, mindbit GmbH has not only expanded the company on the staff side with a total of 11 employees, but also created more space for the entire team by leasing new premises.


mindbit continues to grow

In the following years, the mindbit GmbH developed rapidly. Sales rose annually between 15 and 30% to almost 830,000 €  (at the end of 2017). The number of employees increased to 16 people. In addition to these increases, more attention has been paid in recent years to the strategic development of the company and numerous marketing activities. These concrete measures include the relaunch of the website, the purchase of numerous advertising materials and the redesign of all print products. Furthermore, mindbit GmbH intensified its cooperation with Telecash at the end of 2017 and, as part of this, became a partner of Telecash in February 2018 at the EuroCIS in Düsseldorf in order to deepen this cooperation, establish new business contacts and further expand the business area of Clover App development.


The mindbit team sums up

The entire team is delighted with the development of mindbit GmbH, the customer projects and the working atmosphere. The whole team is regularly involved in the further development of the company. Together the team works to improve the mindbit, to generate new customers, projects and technologies as well as to create a pleasant working atmosphere with a start-up feeling. The management sees the satisfaction of the employees as a high asset throughout the development of the company. “We see our employees as a key factor on our joint way to success and take their needs very seriously,” says the management. Thanks to this good working atmosphere and the regular team events, the mindbit team keeps growing together and colleagues become friends.


Outlook – Where does mindbit want to go?

mindbit continues to see growth in the future. For the next few years, a continuous increase in employees for the development team and for the internal structures is planned. The expansion of the current customer base and the development of new business areas are in focus for the next few years. Besides, the focus will be on the marketing of mindbit inventory products and new product developments. Within the scope of the work environment and atmosphere, the company sets concrete goals for the next 5 years. Through events and further education, the employee satisfaction and attractiveness as an employer should be further increased. Accompany, the capacity planning of the employees will be adjusted in 2019 so that every employee has several hours weekly to implement their own ideas, to pursue personal/specialist interests or to receive further training proactively. Another goal in the context of this already mentioned work environment is the purchase of an own office building. As a result, the entire mindbit team can actively participate in the design of the premises, which has a positive effect on the well-being and thus also on the motivation of the employees.

In the year 2019, mindbit GmbH would like to celebrate these successes and further developments of the last years as well as future goals with the entire team, families, friends and partners. The mindbit team is looking forward to the next 5 years with exciting projects, new teammates and other successful project completion. “We are proud of what we have achieved and wish that our company continues to be so successful”.