WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019

Wednesday June 12th, 2019 Laura Kiwatrowsky

Visiting the largest developer conference in Berlin

On June 6th and 7th, our developers visited Europe’s largest developer conference “WeAreDevelopers”. For two days, more than 10,000 developers, executives, and experts from the IT industry met at the Citycube in Berlin to discuss current topics in the tech industry according to the motto “People-Code-Future”. Thus the event served the networking between leading technology companies and the European developer community.

More than 200 lectures and top speaker

Our developers were able to look forward to more than 200 lectures, workshops and panels, as well as top speakers such as Joel Spolsky (CEO, Stack Overflow, Co-Founder, Trello), Rasmus Lerdorf (Inventor of PHP), Max Amordeluso (Chief Evangelist EU Alexa Skills Kit, Amazon) and Jürgen Müller (CIO, SAP). In addition to experts from the IT industry, guests from business and politics, such as Dorothee Bär (Minister of State for Digitization) or Klaus Straub (CIO BMW) also attended the conference. On 10 different stages, this year’s developer conference focused on five different emphases: Constructing Worlds (front and back end, Cloud), Controlling Complexity (Security, DevOps, Quality Engineering), Applying Disruption (AI, Blockchain). Unchaining Engineering (IoT, Robotics, AR / VR / XR, Mobility) and Coding Society (ethics, education, social responsibility).

Particularly interesting our developers found the lectures of some large companies, for example, the lecture by Peter Garzarella, Head of IT Software Development at Volkswagen. He spoke in general about Volkswagen’s path in software development, working methods, as well as controlling complexity and coding security. Also, the keynote address on cyber security by Sergei Epp, Chief Security Officer at Palo Alto Networks, was particularly interesting, as it dealt with cybersecurity strategies, cybersecurity operations, and threat intelligence. Another exciting topic was the speech by Matias Niemelä, Software Engineer at Google. This was about the future of Angular. This talk covered aspects such as Project Ivy, Server Side Rendering, advances in tools, and the exciting future of Angular.


Looking forward to next year

Basically, our developers were impressed by the general sociableness of the speakers and visitors. The desire to pass on knowledge was enormous. You could meet interesting developers and experts from all over the world who were in Berlin for the same purpose: gain as much new knowledge as you can in two days. To conclude, the new technologies and trends presented there were remarkable. We will be returning to Europe’s largest developer conference “WeAreDevelopers” next year.