Resolutions hold

How to implement your resolution

Tips to properly address your resolutions

To ensure that your plans do not become a loop, we have put together some helpful tips for holding out.

1. Create space for priorities

What are the priorities? What is urgent? What are other colleagues waiting for? In the job, structuring the tasks you want to tackle is very helpful, so you don’t get bogged down. It is important to keep priorities and not be disturbed by every email. Make room for tasks with a high concentration factor through the “silent hour”. During this time, there is no reply to emails and no “just briefly” interruptions.

The same applies to private life: listen to your feelings and do not let doubts distract you from your path. Everyone has their ideas and priorities. Give yours the necessary space.

2. Remain realistic and formulate specific goals

Implement resolutions through clearly formulated goals

Goals are good, but only if they are realistic and feasible. A trained body in just ten days can only be realized with Photoshop. Many people set a high goal and forget the necessary path. Therefore, formulate your goal as precisely as possible, in which “more structure” is not a precise wording. More useful would be: “I sit down every day at 4 p.m. and structure the tasks for the next day.” Make sure that you formulate your goals positively. This demonstrably increases the success of your implementation. To get where you want to go takes patience, experience, and the most important thing: be lenient with yourself. Approach your goals step by step. Rome was not built within one day, either.

3. Set fewer goals, achieve more

With the New Year’s energy, you want to jump into all projects at once. Eat healthier, do more for education, more sport, more creativity, more productivity in the job, more free time … However, if you do too much at once, you are overwhelmed by your intentions and leave everything so quickly fall how you started it. Therefore, it is better to tackle one or two goals but to implement them right.

4. Outwitting old habits through confederates

Nothing is more difficult to change than your loved habits. The longer you act, the more difficult it will be to let the old habits go. For this reason, find confederates with the same goal. Work colleagues, family members, or an interest group. Together it is easier to motivate yourself. According to Phillippa Lally from University College, it takes around two months to establish new habits. Therefore, to make only a few exceptions at the start of the changeover is the best way.

5. Set reminder to stay focused

Hardly anyone who has initiated something new is freed from setbacks. So don’t let small resignations take the focus away. Use visual aids for support. Memo, motivational slogans, daily reminders on your cell phone, whatever reminds you of your goal. Stay positive, and do not lose sight of the fun of it.


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