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Business analysis enables our experts to understand and improve the structures, principles, and processes in your company. By identifying requirements and expectations, solutions can be recommended, as well as workflows and the use of IT can be optimized. Therefore, business analysis is a crucial success factor for your company.

Long-term benefits for your company

Within the scope of business analysis & IT consulting, we examine the current situation of your company. We provide recommended actions and support with solution design. Thereby, we have the specific project objectives in mind, and we focus on the long-term benefits to your business.

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Business analysis as an intersection between business strategy and project

By targeted analysing and consulting, costs can be saved and risks reduced. Business analysis provides formulated project objectives. It is an excellent tool for reviewing these objectives. Basically, it is all about to push innovations, improving business processes, and optimizing the realized benefit. A professional business analysis & IT consulting supports the project business through efficient, company-wide, and effective procedures. The outcome of this is cost savings and increases in profits and sales for your entire company.

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Our process model in detail

We aim to accompany you in the context of business analysis & IT consulting in all phases of the project. We assist you in strategic and operational activities. Do you have a project idea, or would you like recommendations on how to make your processes more effective? Then, as part of our business analysis, we usually go through the following steps:

Strategic activities of a business analysis

First of all, we have to understand your “business”. Before requirements can be captured and formulated, we have to deal with your business. What are the organizational structures, the essential work processes, and activities? Within the scope of this analysis of the current state, we get an overview of your existing processes.

Among other things, the following points are used for consideration:

How is an analysis currently being carried out on you?
Which roles and stakeholders are involved?
What are your long-term objectives?

We look at your internal processes and IT systems. In addition to company-internal difficulties, we also analyse current developments, trends, and innovations from your environment. Through this analysis, we can identify potential as well as define the exact need.

Based on this initial strategic analysis, solutions can be defined and worked out. We create business cases for you. They should show you which solution approaches make sense, which benefits they bring to your company, but also which risks they contain. At this point in business analysis, working with different stakeholders is especially important. We aim to evaluate the possible solutions for all participants in a visible, understandable, and comprehensible way. Also, our business analysts and IT consultants ensure that these solutions support the overall strategy and overall aims of your business.

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Operational activities of a business analysis

After these strategic activities, we will support you in operational implementation. As a part of business analysis, we always accompany you in the implementation of specific projects to establish the previously defined solutions efficiently in the company. In the next step, detailed requirements of all relevant departments are covered.

In doing so, we involve all stakeholders and align the needs of these stakeholders with tactical and strategic corporate goals. As a result, we develop a tailor-made IT concept and provide recommended actions that enable you to achieve your business objectives efficiently.

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In our role as business analysts we see ourselves as

intermediary between two worlds“.

We mediate between the departments and the IT and always bear your company goals in mind. 

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