mindbit IT Beratung und Softwarelösungen

Process optimisation and automation

The basis of every company is the value creating and their supporting processes. These processes usually affect several departments and are often very complex. IT systems should support these processes at its best. And this is where we come into play. We support you with choosing the right IT systems and develop individual solutions for process optimisation.


Handling and availability of the data are very important factors. There are often different processes and systems in a company which does not always “speak the same language”.  It is our job to create the right interfaces which ensure efficient communication and optimal data availability.


In some processes, it is possible to automate process sections or the whole process. We identify recurring procedures that can be handled more efficiently through automation and implement ideas for process automation efficiently.

Prozessoptimierung und Prozessautomatisierung

Our performance at a glance

  • system integration
  • process integration
  • Interface Development
  • Interface management
  • data migration
  • data integration
  • Automated interface communication
  • Automated process flows

To simplify processes and make them more effective, we see as our task.
We create a uniform “communication between the interfaces”.