Website development and webdesign

As an IT company, we are in love with functionality and perfection combined with modern design. You are searching for service, so you know how important an appealing website for your customers, for those, who still want to become and your business is. We gladly support you in your project. Whether it’s a relaunch or a first-time creation, we assume website development and web design for you.

Website development and webdesign

How we handle website development

First, we need input on your project. The more information you provide, the more precisely we can recommend what fits your project. Afterward, you will receive a tailor-made offer. You can already extract our fixed price packages for a first-time creation on this page.

SEO requirement

We develop your website while taking the standard criteria for search engine optimization into account.

Fast loading times

Fast loading time is not only good for your visitors, but Google also rewards it with a better ranking.

Easy to handle

We develop your website with the focus for easy handling. So, you will be able to manage your website on your own, after we hand over it to you.

Website development for visitors and search engines

We make sure, that not only your visitors and customers will love the new website, but also Google is excited about it. If you have not dealt with the details yet, this is not a problem for us. Let’s sift through your website or discuss your project to find the best solution for your website development.

Website Starter Pack

Fixed price 799,-€

Website Extended Pack

Fixed price 1.299,-€

Website Professional Pack

Fixed price 2.499,-€

Individual website development

individual price on request

Which factors affect the price?

Relaunch / First production

A relaunch of an existing website is always more complex than a first creation. For an existing website, the ranking has to be taken into account.

Website type

Depending on the complexity of the project, the effort increases. It makes a big difference if the website should become a blog, a shop or a company website. The size of the project is also relevant.

Structure / Content

If the structure is specified and the content is entered by yourself, the development becomes more favorable. Creating a complex page structure and preparing the content takes more time.


The more individual the design of the website should be, the more effort is required for the design. Through a template-based website, it can be kept moderate.


If the project includes specific functionalities, such as filters, calendar functions, special effects, etc., the price increases compared to a template-based website.

Project duration

The time frame also influences the price. If the project is to be completed as quickly as possible, higher resource utilization is necessary.

Start your project now!

Whether initial creation or relaunch, we take over the entire website development and design for you.

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