25 Sep

We are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the company


Company event for 5th anniversary

Since mindbit was founding in January 2014, it has continued to evolve. Not only new customers and projects have grown our company, but also the employees behind the mindbit GmbH. For the company’s 5th anniversary, our Feelgood team has taken care of a special activity to celebrate and strengthen this team spirit.


17 Sep

Your intuitive mindbit ticket system

Laura Kiwatrowsky Produkt

Optimum service management by the mindbit ticket system

Support or service requests are part of everyday life in almost every company. In order to manage the number of requests, suitable tools, which are quick and intuitive to use, are very helpful.


06 Sep

Social commitment for child-friendly projects

Laura Kiwatrowsky Allgemein

Social commitment and support of children

As a company, we have a social responsibility, and therefore, we have a duty to support associations or social organizations. We represent in our company values ​​such as respect, appreciation, and loyalty, which we are happy to pass on to others through social engagement.


16 Jul

New service in our portfolio

irina.weiss WordPress

Create a website based on WordPress

In the past, we have received requests from customers who wanted to get their website professionally. So we decided to add this service to our marketing portfolio. As well, we created new capacity for this marketing area. Nowadays, a website is a matter of course, nevertheless it is often treated with lower priority. The homepage not only serves as a figurehead for the company. It is also a tool for generating new customers or adding value to existing customers.


09 Jul

Time to Feelgood – our summer party 2019


Feelgood Team organizes annual summer party

Like the previous years, this year’s summer party took place in good conditions. Nice weather, delicious food, and inviting music made the party to a successful company event. Also in this year, we stayed true to our motto “family atmosphere.” 


12 Jun

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019

Laura Kiwatrowsky

Visiting the largest developer conference in Berlin

On June 6th and 7th, our developers visited Europe’s largest developer conference “WeAreDevelopers”. For two days, more than 10,000 developers, executives, and experts from the IT industry met at the Citycube in Berlin to discuss current topics in the tech industry according to the motto “People-Code-Future”. Thus the event served the networking between leading technology companies and the European developer community.


05 Jun

The Kicker tournament: our annual team event

Laura Kiwatrowsky

Kicker tournament 3.0 – this year with a new kicker in corporate design

Just in time for our traditional kicker tournament, our new kicker was delivered with mindbit branding. The new football table appears in our corporate colors, with logo, and in corporate identity concept.