Professional website creation

Professional website creation – what you need to know

Websites as sales platform

Every industry and every market has different readers, interested parties, and requirements for a website. When it comes to professional website creation, it is hardly possible to know every industry and it is difficult to say precisely which content will reach your costumers at best. However, this text should give you a better understanding of what you should pay attention to when creating a professional website.

Say goodbye to the idea that an internet presence is just a representation of your company. Your website is not only a source of information for your potential customers but it is also an important sales platform if it is used correctly.

1. Make content accessible

Displaying content only after registration or login is only acceptable in a separate customer login. New users need to see your content straight away to understand what your company offers and what it stands for.

2. Use appealing images

The images you use for the website have to fit your company. It’s not about to impress your competition. Use graphics and pictures that appeal to your target group. Are there specific problems that concern your target group, or is the search triggered on the basis of a wish? Arouse interest directly based on the visual language used.

3. The website has to be fast

Nothing costs more visitors than a slow website. The key to professional website creation is the speed of your page. It is essential to ensure that the structure is clean and slim right from the start. If a CMS system is used, e.g., WordPress, it is recommended to install only the necessary plugins.

4. Consistent wording on all sides

Use a choice of words on your website that suits your potential customers. It would be best if you kept this throughout – from the greeting to the contact form. With changing language usage, you create an uncertain impression, which gives rise to a dubious feeling.

5. Easy contact options for users

User behaviour differs on every medium, but one thing they all have in common: a short attention span. It is proven that most website visitors jump off after less than one minute if it is not immediately apparent what they were looking for. The easier it is for users to find the necessary information, the more likely to register for a newsletter or make a purchase. However, this does not mean that everything should be summarized in short texts. What is meant here is that the most important passages are highlighted, structured, and made easy to use by buttons or other contact options.

6. To lead interested user

There are numerous distractions on the Internet. Once the user has landed on the page, it is essential to direct them to the desired action. Specifically, this means: Only links to the pages that support the desired effect. No external links that lead the interested party away.

7. Awaken trust through personality

One of the beginner’s mistakes is anonymity. An “about us” or “about me – page” not only gives insights into the company or the people behind it but also promotes trust. After all, the interested party is still completely unaware of your company.

8. Clear and understandable navigation

Website navigation should always be clear and understandable. Creative descriptions could be particularly misleading. As already described under point five, the user does not want to work through the navigation. A precise formulation of what is on the introductory page is a must have.

9. Create content for readers

A particularly important point: create content for your readers. The better you know your target group, the higher the chance of success, that they will buy something or do the action that is desired. Always keep your potential customers in mind when formulating the texts.

10. Professional website creation

With the many offers and kits, it is tempting to create a website by yourself. However, consider professional website creation as an investment in your company. No matter how well-tailored content is for your target group, it will not work without the right framework.

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