Review 2019

Creation of new structures

The year 2019 was a very exciting year for us. It began with an organizational restructuring to rework the internal processes in the company. The main goal of this restructuring was to give employees more room to maneuver and to improve communication between employees and management. As a result, the operational representatives of the workforce were better involved in corporate and financial planning. These goals have been successfully introduced and will continue to be pursued this year.

Acquisition of additional projects

In addition to the existing projects, we were able to gained additional customers with our services in 2019. By creating another core area, we will be available as a contact person for website projects since last year. Our service portfolio expanded to include website design with a focus on search engine optimization. This offers the opportunity to serve an additional market and to expand our company by further specialist areas.

In addition, we supported new customers in software development and consulting and took over the further IT support, which created long-term relationships.

Movement in the company: Employees increase and losses

Last year we welcomed some new employees to our team, but we also had to say goodbye to some. Our long-time employee Paul left us in March. We also had to say goodbye to Leonardo and Jehison, who went back to Colombia, in the second half of the year. However, we were also able to welcome three newcomers. Michael, Eugen, and Altafhusen have been supporting us as developers since the second half of 2019.
Already at the beginning of the new year 2020 we are looking forward to two more employees, who we welcome in the first half of the year.

Preview 2020

We are looking forward to a new and exciting year with varied customer projects. We can look forward to exciting projects with new customers from 2019, and diverse projects in the field of software development. Our goal for 2020 is to consolidate and expand the areas of software engineering, IT operations and marketing, and to expand our range of training and further education programs.

We look back with gratitude to the past year and look forward to an interesting year with varied projects, tasks, customers and other employees who enrich mindbit.

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