Social commitment for child-friendly projects

Social commitment and support of children

As a company, we have a social responsibility, and therefore, we have a duty to support associations or social organizations. We represent in our company values ​​such as respect, appreciation, and loyalty, which we are happy to pass on to others through social engagement.
We decided to support the publisher K&L. The publisher teaches children how to behave in certain dangerous situations by painting and learning books. The project is important to us because children are the future of our society.
Through the playful approach, they convey certain situations easily and simply to the children. The skills of the children are trained in difficult situations so that they can help each other more efficiently or even better assess the situation.

Sensitization of children through learning and painting books

In the past, we as mindbit GmbH, have already committed ourselves several times to the promotion of children and supported the K&L publishing house. This publishing house has been around for 25 years now. This means that for 25 years, they have been working on the protection and safety of children. To date, the publisher has equipped over 5 million pre-primary and primary school children with learning and painting books to teach them to behave correctly in dangerous situations. We congratulate K&L publishing house on its 25th anniversary and will continue to support you with new projects in the future.

Playful training through painting and learning books

Among other things, the publisher offers books on the topics of traffic education, fire prevention education, and first aid. These books are an essential part of preschool and school education and training for children. With the books, children learn what they need to be aware of as a cyclist on the road, how to behave in an accident or what to do when a fire breaks out. These are just some of the topics that are taught in the books of the publishing house. The books are used to familiarize pre-primary and primary school children with a variety of situations.

We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to this and to teach children playfully correct behavior in certain situations. This can help us improve the safety of children. We are glad that this social organization exists for prevention work, and we are looking forward to further future projects.

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