Software solutions by mindbit

We are always working on intelligent solutions to make our customers’ processes efficient. In addition to individual software development, we also offer our standard software solutions that are suitable for different requirements. All of our products meet the highest quality standards.

The mindbit software solutions are available as both web and desktop versions. Individual adjustments to our products are also possible. For the care of the software, you can get a maintenance contract with an all-round carefree package.

mindbit EDI-Viewer

Intuitive to use application for viewing EDI messages without syntax knowledge.

Software solutions by mindbit

mindbit Service Desk

Central platform to capture and process incident and change requests.

Software solutions mindbit Service Desk

Softwar solution mindbit EDI Viewer

One of our software solutions is the mindbit EDI viewer. Many companies already use the electronic exchange of data to send invoices (Electronic Data Interchange, EDI for short, e.g., using the international standard EDIFACT).

For this exchange to meet the legal requirements, the business documents with tax law and/or legal reference have to be documented. The original electronic EDI data is presented in an abstract syntax and have to be available to accountants without EDI knowledge in a suitable form. 

For this, the mindbit EDI-Viewer software solution was developed. The aim is to make EDI data readable for the user by a simple application, without any knowledge of syntax. The program is easy to use and available as both a web and desktop version. Individual adjustments to the customer are possible on request.

Softwar solution mindbit Service Desk

We offer our software solution mindbit Service Desk for the development and processing of your service management. It is the ideal platform for the more central design and processing of many support tickets. With the mindbit software solution mSD, you always have an overview of the priorities and status of the tickets, and you can view the progress at any time.

It is also possible to create sub-tasks for the already existing tickets or to assign a new processor to the ticket.

The mindbit Service Desk provides several pre-configured reporting functions with which you can gain insight into the efficiency and ticket status at a glance. If the pre-configured reporting does not contain the right one, you can adjust it individually.

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With mindbit products, you get tools to help you get started faster and easier, to do the necessary work. Fast workflow, less time spent. 

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