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Many companies are already taking advantage of electronic data interchange (EDI) for sending invoices (for example using the international standard EDIFACT). The electronic data exchange is subject to the laws for the auditability of documents of business transactions with tax and/or legal relationship. The original electronic EDI data are presented in an abstract syntax and must be provided for auditors without EDI knowledge in an appropriate form.


The mindbit EDI viewer was developed with the aim of providing users with a tool, which they can use to view the content of an EDI message without any knowledge of syntax. The program is easy to use and available as web and desktop versions.

EDI-Viewer by mindbit

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EDI viewer components

The following components of the mindbit EDI viewer are available:

Supported standards and languages

Supported EDIFACT standards of typ INVOIC:

A file with different message types is processed only for supported types.

Language selection:

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With the mindbit EDI viewer you get a tool, with that you can view the content of an EDI message

without any knowledge of syntax – easily and clearly.

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