Time to Feelgood – our summer party 2019

Tuesday July 9th, 2019 irina.weiss

Feelgood Team organizes annual summer party

Like the previous years, this year’s summer party took place in good conditions. Nice weather, delicious food, and inviting music made the party to a successful company event. Also in this year, we stayed true to our motto “family atmosphere.” 

Thanks to the good organisation of our Feelgood team, we were able to start on time with all employees and family members. The Feelgood team also consider the vegetarian and vegan workforce. A buffet with salads, meat, and vegetarian alternatives was offered. At this point, many thanks to our grill master Sebastian.


The summer festival gives us the opportunity to get to know colleagues better outside the workplace, but also to introduce our family members the company. Every year a lively exchange takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Activities at our summer party

Our program included not only good conversation, but also physical activity. By the increase of new employees in 2018 and the increase of the Feelgood team, we enthusiastically added volleyball to our activities.


Even the kids could let off steam on the grassed area of ​​our terrain. For this purpose, the mindbit football goals were set up. However, the highlight was the rainbow wind gear and the chalk for the quieter minutes after romping.


Implementation of new ideas by the Feelgood team

Our Feelgood team, consisting of three employees, not only looks after the organisation of the events and the procurement of the necessary materials, but also cares about the activities. As many employees as possible get involved in the organisation and they can contribute their ideas and wishes.


The same applies to the wishes within the company, whether we want fresh fruit, drinks, embellishment in the offices, or improvements in the process. Proposals are always welcomed and implemented as quickly as possible.


Our philosophy always in mind

Regular events and active communication are an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Due to a trusting basis, a long-term relationship can be established and strengthen the cooperation. Due to many influences of different characters and professional competencies, our company continues to develop positively from year to year. We are already looking forward to the upcoming events this year.